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Tricia & Steve Bridgeman
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We are Tricia & Steve Bridgeman...

a music-loving, story-telling couple who live in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  We've just released LETTERS & LILY PADS, an album of original songs inspired by classic children's literature.  Each tune is a celebration.  A musical "WHOO-HOO" after a literary touchdown.  We hope the album makes you smile, and reconnects you with some old friends.  May you be inspired by the timeless themes of kindness and courage.  And if you've never read the books, may each little song be a spark that ignites your extraordinary

           reading adventure.


As my favorite poet Malcolm Guite likes to say,
"Thanks for dropping by." 

To sample or purchase LETTERS & LILY PADS, go to the box below!


    CDs available for purchase! (price includes shipping) 

    Who, pray tell, are Lilla and Bee?



    Introducing Lilla and Bee:   Lilla (Italian for 'lilac') is a fun-loving lilac fairy;  and Bee (short for Bee A. Bumble) is a book-collecting bumble bee.  Every spring, these two characters meet to discuss various books over tiny cups of tea... a meeting which always leads to a bit of inspirational and creative mischief. 

    CLICK to LISTEN to the recording of Books & Tea with Lilla & Bee :  The original story of this delightful duo, written and narrated by Tricia Bridgeman, with original musical underscore by Steve Bridgeman.  


    Check out the books in Bee's bundle!  

    Remember:  'Twas the reading of these very special books that inspired the making of the music.  For a bit of trivia regarding the books and songs, click the button below.

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        Tricia & Steve Bridgeman


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        Be the BEE!

        Bring your books to the table

        and your beauty to the world.

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