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Catch The Wave

Friday, March 8, 2024. OK! "An updated website in a conversational style" -- that's the definition of "blog" that I just read on the Google. I thought I should get a basic idea before I began blogging for the first time ever.

We'll start with Daffodils. Then move on to red and pink blossoms on the branches, blue skies and wispy clouds, myriads of birdcalls, bright green grass dotted with tiny tiny "violets" -- and sunshine that warms your face and your whole self.

Some days it feels like you're dying on the inside. But then there are outside days like today: miraculous. A walk is a swim in a current of beauty. A sadness is suddenly surrounded, now arm in arm with joyful friends. They take deep dives together... and do a dance. It's quite a thing to behold. You can usually catch it in the spring.

"Wave after wave of beauty

is falling down on me

Praise to the Maker of springtime

and every beautiful thing."

lyric from "Springtime" (Little Flavia Waits), by Steve Bridgeman

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